A Secret Message in a Bottle

The passionate, glamorous, rich and ingenious world of perfumes beckons with its charming allure. The proof is in an ideal combination of scents placed in a small bottle that provokes with its shape and color. One of the most popular perfumes in the world is surely 'Chanel No. 5'. For over eight decades, it still magically enchants women all over the world.

It was first promoted in 1921 and the name originated from Coco Chanel's favorite number. This divine combination includes scents of jasmine, may flower, ylang ylang, iris, sandalwood and vetiver. Up until the end of the Second World War this perfume was the best selling fragrance in the world. In those days there were lines of American soldiers in front of the Chanel boutique in Paris, because the perfume was the perfect gift for every girl.

The perfume's iconic status was confirmed in 1950 when Andy Warhol made a series of advertising prints for the Museum of Modern Arts in New York. Marilyn Monroe also helped with the statement that all she wears to bed is a couple of drops of this perfume.

The fascination with this scent is much more pronounced today than ever, mostly due to a very ambitious advertising campaign that hires celebrities. Perfumes are a very important part of the cosmetic and fashion industry because of the glamour that scents provide. The creator of this infinitely beautiful scent, Coco Chanel once said: 'A woman that uses no perfume has no future' thus giving significance to perfume scents and expressing the fact that her future depends on its success. In a way she foretold the ruling trend - no fashion house will have a future without a perfume that has its own signature.

The recognition of this perfume is sustained to this very day. It is still the most popular perfume choice amongst the jet set and the celebrity set. It's eternal appeal is a powerful reference for femininity, style, charm and seductiveness. Legendary ambassadors of Chanel No. 5 ensured the spirit of prestige and immortality. The lucky number 5 ensured the success of every Coco Chanel fashion show and her entire life was coloured by this obviously lucky number and its connection to this amazingly feminine scent.

Choosing the right perfume for you can be the difference between making the right first impression, or missing the opportunity of a life time. Make sure you take your time and choose wisely.