Gucci Sunglasses, the Cult Brand Which Never Stops Mesmerizing I

Gucci, the iconic brand for sunglasses, is the master in all the three segments - men's sunglasses, women's sunglasses and unisex sunglasses. Following are some models from all the three above-mentioned categories. Here we go:

Gucci 1889: Unisex sunglasses are a rage among fashionistas. To tap this opportunity Gucci has come up with Gucci 1889. This teardrop shaped, gradient shades in metallic frame appear exactly as vibrant as ever. As both the sexes can wear it, therefore it provides more value for money also.

Gucci 1912: Aviator, the classic design that can never go out of fashion, is a darling among men and no brand other than Gucci knows about it better. Everything is same in this model like other Aviators - double bridged, full rimmed, metallic frame. However, the USP of this model is its very color - Dark Ruthenium. Men will just love it.

Gucci 1927: Do you want to look like Brad Pitt? Go for Gucci 2846. This stunning rectangular metallic frame has screw mount rim. The two available shades of Brown Dark Havana and Ruthenium Smoke make the look more appealing. The bold resting hooks in black add a dash of arrogance.

Gucci 2846: Oversized sunglasses - these are perennial favorite with the fairer sex and Gucci knows the pulse of all fashion-loving women. Gucci 2846 is THE model from which nobody can take their eyes off. The Yellowish-blue frame with geometrically shaped glasses in colors like haze, turquoise and dark brown will definitely make women going mad over it.

Gucci 2983: Animal print - another favorite with women. Gucci really knows what will sale like a hot cake. This plastic made, full rimmed, acetate frame in yellow & brown stripes creates an arresting look. The stripes in black & gray are also appealing.

Gucci 3119: Gucci always appeal to women in such a way, which always hit the bull's eye, and this time with pink, the eternal girly color, Gucci 3119 is going to be a craze. The geometric shaped, full rimmed, acetate frame in Black Fuchsia and Havana blue is surely a collector's item.

If you want to buy sunglasses and that also designer, blindly go for Gucci. Mark my words, you will be more than satisfied.