Tone Shoes - Which Brand Should I Buy?

Once you've started looking at the different brands of tone shoes on the market, it really can get confusing. There are quite a few brands available now all jumping on this popular band wagon, and it's not easy to decide which to try. Particularly when you take into account that many of them are costing between $100 and $300 a pair. Most of us aren't going to go out and buy a pair of each to try!

So, do you go for price? Or for the most popular? How do you know which are the best?

The answer to that is that you don't - not until you try them for yourself. Really, there is no way that you can know that because one person loves their MBT's that you will also. Skechers Shape Up's or the Reebok Easy Tones might be the shoes for you. We're all different and so are our needs.

That being said though, there is no doubt that some of these brands of toning shoes are definitely going to be a better buy than others.

For a start, beware of cheap imitations. This can be a real problem with MBT's toning shoes. Buy them from a reputable supplier and be aware that if they're selling for $20 or $30 they're fake. If you're only buying them for looks then that may be OK for you, but if you actually want the benefits that these shoes can give you, then it's important that you buy the real thing.

When it comes to the different brands, the two most popular are definitely MBT's and Skechers Shape Up's. Whether this is due to quality, or marketing is difficult to say.

Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) otherwise known as the 'Anti Shoe' has been around the longest. They were the original tone shoe on the market and the inspiration for this type of footwear. From the reviews and comments that I've read, they certainly seem to please most wearers. They have styles to suit all tastes, however they are one of the more expensive brands on the market. A description of how the MBT shoe works can be found at my toning shoes site.

Skechers Shape Ups are the other very popular brand. They require less of an investment to purchase and again have beautiful styles that are sure to suit all tastes. From my investigations, the design of the sole is different from MBT's, but both brands of shoes have similar properties. I personally have tried Shape Ups and love them. I have yet to try MBT's.

Reebok Easy Tones are a very different looking shoe from the MBT's and Shape Ups. They don't have the thick round sole and look more like an ordinary runner. I have read some very good reviews on these from wearers that love them. I think personally I'm in love with the thick round sole that the other two have, (that some people find so unappealing) and the Reeboks are missing that - for me anyway.

I really haven't come across too much information on the other brands as yet. I'm still looking and researching though and I'll keep updating with any new information that I find.

I think that for most of us girls in particular, what attracts us to these shoes are the claims that they'll help to tone legs, tone butts and belly's just by wearing them.

Whether that is the case or not, I personally think that the best thing going for these shoes is their comfort, and the fact that they reduce or eliminate pain for so many of their wearers. Again and again I have read comments and reviews from people who have discovered that these shoes help with their back pain or hip pain or knees or feet, and that is an incredibly valuable thing in itself. I think it is good reason to look seriously at these shoes and try them for yourself.