Yoli - Behind the MLM Hype

What is Yoli? Why is the Network Marketing Industry abuzz with the news of this new company? Perhaps those are questions you've asked yourself recently. And while an in depth analysis is required to fully answer these and other questions, here are three things I think will serve as a good jumping of point.

First, let's start with management. With the likes of Corey Citron, Robby Fender and Daren Falter (and that's only half the team) we can already get a sense of what's drawing people to the Yoli opportunity. Just these three alone garner tremendous respect industry wide not only for the tremendous organizations they've built in the past as distributors but also for their individual contributions to the Network Marketing industry as a whole.

For the sake of brevity, I will refrain from outlining all their accomplishments but I suggest researching these gentlemen's histories and learning for yourself. Along with Rick Eisele, Bobby Jones, and Michael Pritchard, they make up one of the most dynamic teams the industry has ever seen. Their over one hundred years cumulative experience in the network marketing industry as distributors in the field makes them he best qualified team to start and operate their own company.

The next thing Yoli brings to the table that's turning more than a few heads is the price points of their products. Network Marketing products have traditionally been priced in such a way that not only makes retailing them virtually impossible but also leaves many people unable to participate in the business in the first place. Yoli has brought their price points down to compete not with Network Marketing but with what's available in the super markets and groceries stores.

They did this also with the goal of making the business more accessible to the masses. That's pretty savvy considering only just about 16% of the population participate in or purchase network marketing products. That leaves a full 84% of the population that remains untapped by the network marketing industry.

The final Yoli innovation that I think worth mentioning here is their Break Even Bonus. Traditionally in Network Marketing, it's has taken anywhere from an organization of about 25 all the way to in some cases over 100 people to earn an income that covers your monthly auto-ship costs. With distributors recruiting an average of only 2 people into their businesses, attrition rates have generally been very high.

The founders of Yoli address this with the creation of the Break Even Bonus, a bonus outside of the compensation plan designed to help distributors cover their monthly product costs. A built-in spread in the cost of product and its commissionable value allows distributors to break even on their auto-ships by sponsoring as few as two to six people. Without a doubt, this will increase Yoli's retention rate giving its distributors the ability to create a true "walk away" income - something all network marketers dream of.

Yoli has built tremendous momentum leading up to their Pre-Launch at the end of September and with good reason. It seems the founders have really taken the time to set up this company so as to not make the same mistakes past companies have made. Yoli certainly has many things going for it and it's no wonder network marketers are rushing to join.

They've given the distributors many advantages over past companies and in doing so have simplified the success equation. So, if you're on the market for a new company or just like looking at what else is out there, you may to take a closer look at what the Yoli buzz is all about.